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    New Feature Preview – Instant Spell-checking from ApSIC Xbench QA available for 16 languages

    UPDATE: There’s a more recent version of the spell-checking dictionaries for ApSIC Xbench v2.9 here

    We’re happy to announce that we are publishing a set of ApSIC Xbench QA plug-ins to add a spell-checking feature to the QA process.

    The underlying dictionaries are from the HunSpell project. The first wave of dictionaries includes the following languages (please click an item on the list below to download the files for the corresponding language plug-in):

    To install the spell-checking plug-in, simply extract the contents of the language’s .zip file into ApSIC Xbench installation directory (typically, C:\Program Files\ApSIC\Xbench).

    Once you have copied the files, you will notice that next time you start ApSIC Xbench, an additional entry named Spellcheck appears in the Check Group box.

    If the Spellcheck item is checked, next time you click Check Ongoing Translation, a spell-checking window will appear:

    Each misspelling variant is listed only once and the Instances column indicates how many actual segments are affected by the listed misspelling. Using this window, you will indicate which items are real misspellings by double-clicking them to move them to the Real Misspellings list box on the right.

    Once you have reviewed the list of potential errors, click OK to close the window. Segments with misspellings will be listed among the rest of QA results and you will be able to use the Edit Source feature to get right to the offending segment.

    Also interesting are Exclusions, which can be useful for some type of texts prone to false alarms.

    You have the ability to change the working mode by right-clicking and choosing Settings->Change Working Mode to indicate false alarms instead of real misspellings (which working mode will require fewer clicks will depend on the type of text you are spell-checking).

    We hope you find useful this new QA feature, which is being published as a feature preview and that we are well aware that is still missing important items such as an addendum function. We are eager to get your feedback via our Web Form for future improvements.

    Our short term goals for the spell-checking feature are to add more languages for preview, implement an addendum function and make the language dictionary download and installation a seamless experience with ApSIC Xbench.