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    ApSIC Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados Studio 2014 – Public Beta Released!

    We’re pleased to announce that the ApSIC Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados Studio 2014 is now available for public beta testing.

    This plugin has been built on top of the newly released Integration API for SDL Trados Studio 2014, so you need to install the latest release and cumulative update of SDL Trados Studio for the plugin to load. A big thanks to SDL for having put the Integration API in place. We’re sure that it will allow third-party applications to seamlessly integrate with the Studio UI at a level that was not possible before.

    This plugin will mostly allow you do two simple, yet very useful, things:

    • From Studio, automatically create an Xbench project with the relevant sdlxliff files for QA with the termbase and the translation memory as reference and also automatically launch Xbench to run the QA.
    • From Xbench, open in Studio the sdlxliff file with the Edit Source command right at the segment select and with the context of the project

    We hope that you find the plugin useful. We’re encouraged by early comments of users in the private beta, such as this recent comment by medical translator Emma Goldsmith in ProZ: “I’m beta testing it at the moment, and it’s changing the way I work!”.

    To use the plugin, you need to have installed:

    • SDL Trados Studio 2014 with Cumulative Update 2 (CU2). Help->About in Studio should show 11.0.3688.
    • ApSIC Xbench 3.0 build 1186

    For more detailed information on the ApSIC Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados Studio, you can check out the User’s Guide.

    You can download the plugin in the Download section of our web page.