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  Download ApSIC Comparator, the free tool for enhancing your reviewing process in Trados and SDLX.  
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  ApSIC Xbench 3.0 now available for download. Search and QA many translation bilingual formats.    


If you are interested in a position in our company and feel you are qualified to complete one of the tasks below, please send us your resume. All these positions are based in Barcelona, Spain.

 Project Manager

Your Mission: You will coordinate a team of translators, editors, and engineers in translation and localization projects. In contact with the client, you will analyze the scope and risks of the project and will assign resources accordingly. You will define processes. You will track the progress and financial execution of the project.

Your Profile: You have strong organizational skills and you are quality-oriented. You are committed to the success of the team. You have excellent language skills in English, being German and/or French a plus, and you are an advanced PC user, preferably with previous experience with CAT tools such as Trados.

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 Language Lead

Your Mission: You will play a central role in defining the project terminology as well as the linguistic style to be used by a team of translators and reviewers. You will ensure that the linguistic quality of the project deliverables meets the client's expectations and proactively work towards on-going improvement.

Your Profile: You love translation. You are a team player and have an extreme attention to detail. You are a native speaker of Spanish, and proficient in English, German or French. You have a strong interest in technical translation, particularly in the fields of IT and Industrial Engineering. You are an advanced PC user, experienced with CAT tools such as Trados, SDLX, Catalyst, ApSIC Xbench, IBM Translation Manager, LocStudio or Hyperhub.

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 DTP Specialist

Your Mission: You will prepare and convert unstructured textual and graphical material so that it is suitable as input for the translation and localization process, using advanced Desktop Publishing tools. You will be pagemaking localized material so that when rendered, it reflects the graphical quality level of the original material.

Your Profile: You love perfection. You have a deep knowledge of most popular DTP packages, including Framemaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, and OCR tools. You can work in an English environment and you have an outstanding attention to detail.

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 Business Development Manager

Your Mission: You will focus on growing revenue with new and existing customers, offering a range of localization, testing, and development services. You will manage client accounts, proactively and creatively identifying opportunities and providing solutions.

Your Profile: You have several years of account management experience. You have excellent verbal and written communications skills in English. You have a proven record of successful process management and relationship development with large clients. You have strong analytical skills regarding technical, contractual and financial issues. You have experience in the software development, localization, or testing industry. You are ready to travel.

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 Testing Manager

Your Mission: You will organize and coordinate localization and internationalization testing projects and manage a team of testers. You will be in direct contact with software development labs from early planning to sign-off. You will develop test plans, create and manage test cases either manual or automated, and define the processes to be followed by the team. You will work together with the IT department for the provision of hardware and software resources for the different test configurations.

Your Profile: You have strong IT skills in Windows 2003 and/or Linux and Solaris. You have previous experience in testing management and are familiar with SCM tools. You are organized, team-oriented and have excellent communication skills in English.

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 Test Engineer

Your Mission: You will validate the correct behavior of software products and you will isolate and document bugs as they are found. You will focus in localization and internationalization issues. You will use SCM tools to create, track and close issues.

Your Profile: You are an advanced PC user, preferably with an IT background. You are familiar with server platforms (Windows 2003, Solaris and Linux), as well as with desktop platforms (Windows, MacOS). You are an organized person and you have analytical approach. You are a native speaker of an European or Asian language.

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 Software Developer

Your Mission: Develop software used internally and/or publicly available used to help increase the quality, reliability, and productivity of translation and localization teams.

Your Profile: You love developing software that just works, automagically. You have a strong background in computer science and enjoy making the impossible things possible. You master C++ or Delphi.

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 Web Developer

Your Mission: Develop web-based interfaces for internal tools and client-specific applications in areas such as workflow and on-line translation and localization.

Your Profile: You master JavaScript, PHP and/or ASP.NET/C#. You've been playing with AJAX for a while now and are willing to implement solutions to bring the desktop to the browser. You can speak SQL fluently, particularly in the MS SQL dialect.

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 System Administrator

Your Mission: You will support a farm of server machines running Windows servers. You will manage user access to information and ensure security. You will coordinate the deployment of applications. You will write scripts to automate administration tasks.

Your Profile: You have a deep knowledge of networking and systems and a high level of expertise in Windows 2000/2003 environments. You have a proactive approach to work, and you are ready to learn new things as technology evolves. You take customer service very seriously and have excellent verbal and written communications skills in English, Spanish and/or Catalan. You have an excellent knowledge of server hardware, including clustered servers and blade servers. You have good documentation skills.

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We are also actively looking for freelance translators specializing in IT or Industrial Engineering content. If you wish to join our team and you have a high-speed connection to the Internet, please click here to submit your resume.