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Localization Testing

Our localization testing services are designed to guarantee that the localized version is linguistically accurate and that it runs correctly on the target platform.

These services include thoroughly checking all displays and menus, using test automation scripts and quality tools to report and track any flaws that need to be addressed by the development team before the localized product is shipped.

Our testing services are available for a number of European and Asian languages and operating systems, including any flavor of Windows, Linux, OS/400, Mac OS, Android and iOS for iPhone/iPad.

From day 1, we can help you develop the localization testing plan for your product, assess localization risks and test coverage, fix software resources and report any necessary code changes, and perform all required regression activities.

We can also report defects found in the software in real-time either via our defect tracking system or even directly on yours, for seamless integration into your process.

Contact us for a free assessment of the localization testing needs of your product.