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    Archive for August, 2007

    ApSIC Xbench 2.7 refresh (build 214)

    We have just posted a new public build of ApSIC Xbench 2.7, namely build 214. You can download the latest version from http://www.apsic.com/en/downloads.aspx.

    Among a number of fixes, the main enhancements from build 183 are these:

    • Support for more formats with Edit Source. Now you can open the editor directly at the segment that corresponds to the highlighted entry for search results and QA for the following additional formats: IBM Translation Manager, Trados Word uncleaned, Tab-delimited text, Trados exported memory. This addition extends this useful feature that earlier was only available for Trados TagEditor and SDLX files.
    • Context information for Trados exported memories. Now search results show segment attributes and users for Trados memories.
    • Long name support for IBM Translation Manager folders. Now file and folder names for IBM Translation Manager appear in long format.
    • Support for changing the font for search and QA results. Now the font can be changed for search and QA results, which allows you to adjust the font size to your monitor requirements.
    • Addition of QA check “source=target”. A new check has been added to QA. Now you can get a list of all source segments who match the target segment (potential untranslated segments). By default, this new setting is turned off.
    • See Context feature is now also available from the QA results. The QA results now allows you to see segments surrounding the selected entry using the See Context function. This feature was already available from search results and now is also available from QA results.
    • Checklist entries can be sorted alphabetically. Now you can sort alphabetically the entries of a project or personal checklist simply clicking one button.

    We thank you for the valuable feedback provided and hope you continue to enjoy using ApSIC Xbench. We are very interested in your opinions. Please do not hesitate to report any issues or suggestions at http://www.apsic.com/en/products_submit_bug.aspx.