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    Archive for January, 2018

    New Xbench 3.0 integration: Smartcat!

    We’re pleased to announce that, starting with Xbench build 1419, you have available a very cool integration with Smartcat.

    With this integration, you can do the following:

    • When editing a document in Smartcat, click the Xbench Chrome extension icon to instantly load the Smartcat file in a Xbench project.
    • Select one or more documents in the Smartcat workspace and click the Xbench Chrome extension to instantly load all documents selected in a Xbench project.
    • Select one issue in Xbench, right-click, choose Edit Segment (Ctrl+E) and Smartcat will open the document right at that segment.

    To get this functionality, you need the following:

    We hope that you enjoy working with this new integration! As always, if you run into any issue or have any suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us.