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    Archive for February, 2010

    ApSIC Xbench 2.8 Refresh 2 (build 396)

    Hello again! We are shipping a second refresh of ApSIC Xbench v2.8 that includes the following enhancements:

    • Much faster load of big files. With ApSIC Xbench v2.8, improvements were made to the load process to save space in memory. However, these improvements had the side effect of greatly penalizing the load of very big files. With build 396, the load engine has been revamped and now the load of very big files is again very fast, and still tries to save memory space whenever possible
    • Optional automatic unload of alternative project. Earlier builds forced the unload of the alternative project if it had not been used for an hour. Now this is an optional feature and configurable via the Tools->Settings menu item.

    In addition to these enhancements, a couple dozen of bugs reported by users via our web form have been addressed as well, so please keep them coming!