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    Archive for March, 2011

    Great user feedback today

    We relatively often receive praise e-mails about ApSIC Xbench which are extremely rewarding to the development team. Developers are like artists, and they need to reassert that their work is understood and liked. Some users really insist on that our tool is really worth some money as Stefan Keller from Solocal also reminded us today:

    Dear Madam or Sir,

    My name is Stefan Keller, I’m a professional translator (EN>DE), and I came across ApSIC Xbench about one year ago. Since then, I virtually didn’t complete a single project without using your wonderful tool. I can hardly figure how much time and effort I was able to save by using Xbench, but it must have been many, many hours by now.

    So, since this is freeware (which is pretty astonishing considering some of the crap I need to pay for), I would really like to make a donation in appreciation of your invaluable work. I searched your web site but couldn’t find any information about how this could be done. I’d be most happy if you could let me know how to proceed in order to make my modest contribution.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,
    Stefan Keller

    This perception is so encouraging. It’s not that we do not like money but, currently, our focus revolves about growing the user base and the freeware model is one channel to achieve that goal faster. We believe that sooner or later we will find ways to monetize the effort by trying to find new ways to bring even more value to our user base. After all, we believe that there’s still a lot left to be done to improve a translator’s life.

    Also, a larger user base means a more polished product and more potential for future leverage, and we will try to capitalize on that. But it is great to know already that ApSIC Xbench is making such an impact on the way translators work and that some are already clearly willing to put their money where their mouth is.