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    Archive for June, 2013

    Special Xbench 3.0 Promotion for GALA Members (and New GALA Members)

    We’re happy to announce that we have put in place a special promotion until September 30, 2013 for GALA members. ApSIC has been a GALA member for more than 10 years and the association has grown twenty-fold since, and now has hundreds of members.

    We think that GALA makes a significant impact with its quest to educate the marketplace with the real value of translation and localization services. To help spread the message, GALA relies on a growing membership.

    We would like to support that effort with a special Xbench promotion that aims to give more value to GALA’s membership and also to encourage even more companies to join GALA:

    • To help current GALA members further capitalize on their membership: If you are already a GALA member, for each 3 subscription years bought between June 1 and September 30, 2103, we will add another year to your account (a 25% discount). To get the most out of this promotion, be sure to buy a multiple of 3 years!
    • To encourage new companies to join GALA: If you join GALA between June 1 and September 30, 2013, for each subscription year that you buy during this period, we will add another year to your account (a 50% discount).

    This promotion applies both to existing Xbench customers willing to extend their subscriptions and to new Xbench customers.

    You can place your order at www.xbench.net. To redeem your awarded years, simply tell us that you are a GALA member — or that you just joined GALA — in reply to the email that you will receive to confirm your Xbench subscription years have been added to your account.