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    Archive for November, 2013

    Get Xbench 3.0 for €49/year with Black Friday Week Promotion!

    We’re happy to announce that you are now able to buy Xbench 3.0 at €49/year, a 50% of discount on the regular price until the end of this week.

    We sort of planned a nice end of year promotion week but, since last year’s Christmas was already pretty hectic with the launch of the Xbench 3.0 beta, we decided to take it easy this year and piggyback on American traditions for once.

    So if you were thinking about buying your first Xbench 3.0 subscription year or extending your current subscription, this week only you can do it at half the price at www.xbench.net.

    New ApSIC Xbench 3.0 Build 1174 Available for Download

    We’ve just published build 1174 of ApSIC Xbench 3.0, available for download at http://www.xbench.net/index.php/download.

    This build adds a new built-in check, Alphanumeric Mismatches. This check tries to catch those sequences of letters and digits such in part numbers, that sometimes are inadvertently modified in a fuzzy match.

    If you do not have a large display or simply prefer to see as many search results as possible in the body of Xbench, now you can hide the tool bar or arrange the Source Term and Target Term fields next to each other (instead of one on top of the other). To put the Target Term field next to the Source Term field, simply pull up the bottom edge of the Search/Target pane, that now has a size control. To return to the classic layout, simply pull it down.

    For more details about the changes in this build, please check the change log.