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    Archive for October, 2014

    Buy Xbench 3.0 for €29/year, the Strike Price for the Dutch Auction!


    The Dutch Auction revealed that the best promotional price for Xbench 3.0 is €29/year. And now the good news: we are offering this outstanding promotional price to everyone!

    So to benefit from this promotion, simply go to our store and buy one of more years until October 30.

    If you are already a customer of Xbench, remember that to extend your current subscription, you simply need to make your purchase with the same email with which you made your previous purchase.

    Unveiling Xbench 3.0 Domain Mode Licenses

    With the current license scheme, we’ve seen that for larger groups, it turned out to be a bit more difficult for the license administrator to keep track of who should be in the Xbench Control Panel as an Authorized User.

    In larger groups, besides the avid Xbench users, there are users who only need to use Xbench for occasional Engineering bugfixing, file conversion, or to compile a report to the customer. Also, the larger the group, the more difficult it is to be aware of who is new in the company or who left, who is now on maternity leave or a sabbatical, or who changed her role in the company for a few months and the new role does not involve using Xbench that often.

    It turned out that all these events are hard to track for the people in charge of adding and removing authorized users to the Control Panel so we are today introducing two new domain license modes that can drastically reduce administration burden for these people:

    • Full Domain: In this mode, when a new user of the relevant domain (for example, @domain.com) signs up, she is added automatically to the Control Panel.
    • This license mode makes sense when you have a good control on which users may sign up for Xbench with an @domain.com address.

    • Whitelisted Domain: In this mode, the license administrator manually whitelists the users of domain @domain.com that can use Xbench. So, in this license mode, each authorized user is in fact a whitelisted user.

    For both domain modes, a weekly process on Mondays puts in dormant state any users of the domain that did not use Xbench for one week before the weekly process. When a user enters the dormant state, she stops paying for the license. When a dormant user uses Xbench again, for example after returning from a few weeks of vacationing, she is added again automatically in the Control Panel. A weekly digest email sent on Monday keeps in the loop the account holder and her delegates of the automatic changes in the Control Panel.

    In the domain mode license, as in the classic license, you can add users from other email domains (for example, a @gmail address of a freelance translator that works often for your company), but these are not automatically managed. Also, please note that the minimum of one authorized user for each 10 years of time balance remaining still applies, just as in the classic license.

    The pricing per year of the domain license mode is the same as in the classic license mode.

    To be eligible for one of the domain license modes you need to:

    • Own the email domain covered.
    • Have a history of Xbench purchases of at least 10 subscription years.

    If you meet the above criteria and are interested in switching your customer account to a domain mode license, contact us today.

    Xbench 3.0 Dutch Auction Promotion: Now it’s your turn to set the price!

    We’re happy to announce that we are running a Dutch Auction promotion, where you have the very unique opportunity to set the price for Xbench!

    This Dutch Auction works like this:

    1. You make your bid by October 23 at 11am (CET).
    2. On October 23, we calculate the Strike Price from all bids received.
    3. If your bid is equal or greater than the Strike Price, you will be entitled to buy Xbench subscription years at the Strike Price until October 30.

    Because each bid is uniquely tied to each registered user, you need to sign up for Xbench to be able to place your bid.

    If you already signed up for Xbench, you can place your bid here using your Xbench credentials: http://www.xbench.net/cpanel/signindu.aspx

    If you are not yet an Xbench 3.0 user, we encourage to download it and sign up. Also, if you are new to Xbench, be sure to watch the demo videos on our YouTube Channel to get quickly started. In particular, the Getting Started with Xbench 3.0 Playlist will be very useful to get a quick overview.

    Good luck with your bid!