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    Archive for August, 2015

    Just for the Record, the Xbench Plugin for Studio Has Been Supporting SDL Studio 2015 for a While Now


    We’ve recently received a few support calls asking us when the Xbench Plugin for SDL Studio will support SDL Studio 2015.

    The truth is that it already has been supporting SDL Studio 2015 it for a while! Namely, SDL Studio 2015 is supported since we rebuilt the installer back in April 23 (almost 4 months ago!), so if you recently installed the Xbench plugin for Studio, there are good chances that your Xbench installation already supports SDL Studio 2015.

    Therefore, if after you upgrade to Studio 2015 the Xbench icon does not already appear in the Studio 2015 Ribbon, just do the following:

    1. Close SDL Studio 2015.
    2. Download and install the latest Xbench plugin from the Xbench Download page.
    3. Start SDL Studio 2015.

    After the above steps, the Xbench icon should appear on your SDL Studio 2015 Ribbon and work exactly on SDL Studio 2015 as it does on SDL Studio 2014.