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    Archive for February, 2016

    New Community Forum for Xbench!

    We’re happy to announce that we have just put in place a community forum at http://forum.xbench.net.

    The forum is based on the Discourse platform and we’ll be adding typical questions or support issues to it on an ongoing basis so that you can quickly search the forum DB.

    In other words, that besides the intrinsic goal of any forum of eventually connecting the user community, we will also try that over time the forum becomes a conveniently searchable and comprehensive Knowledge Base built over time with actual questions raised by our users.

    We will be monitoring the forum for questions and will endeavor to answer them, although the official support site will continue to be our Contact Support form.

    The Forum will probably the best place for How do I…-like questions, regex questions for Xbench checklists, or for bringing up ideas and suggestions, while using Contact Support is probably the best option if you anticipate that your issue is a bug that most likely will involve sending files to us to reproduce, fix, and verify.

    We hope that you like the new forum and look forward to seeing you there!