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    Archive for January, 2013

    Xbench Workshop by Jarosław Hirny at Translation and Localization Conference in Warsaw, March 23-24

    Over the last few years, our perception has been that Poland seems to have a special connection with Xbench. Some facts:

    • The first community translation of Xbench User’s Guide was into Polish, by Michał Tosza and Małgorzata Pietsch.
    • Poland is consistently among the Top 5 countries in terms of visitors for our website.
    • Some unbelieveably well documented, ready-to-fix bug reports have come from Polish users.
    • The first order of Xbench 3.0 was placed by a Polish translator based in Denmark, just a couple hours after our new www.xbench.net site went live.

    So it was not a big surprise when localize.pl, one of the the organizers of the Translation and Localization Conference that will take place on 23-24 March in Warsaw, told us that next conference will feature an workshop on Quality Assurance with Xbench by Polish trainer and translator Jarosław Hirny.

    From these lines, we would like to give a big thanks to the Polish community of Xbench users, for all the help and support we received from them over all these years, and we look forward to keeping this special connection for years to come!

    Spanish LSP MSS buys a One-Century Subscription for Xbench 3.0

    We’ve been receiving orders of various sizes over the last few weeks.

    Some users prefer to buy just one year to take an early peek over the next year and then decide what to do next year, and some other users opt to stock up as many years as possible early during this beta.

    Today we received a one-hundred years subscription from MSS, a Spanish LSP with a 20-strong team that decided to secure coverage for 5 years for each user and get the most out of the great beta promotion.

    For us, this is a very, very encouraging sign and also a great token of confidence because we know for a fact that MSS is already an avid user of Xbench 2.9, and avid users often are the most reluctant for change because they already like what they have and even the small subtle UI changes can annoy them greatly.

    So we are pleased to see that MSS decided to come on board with Xbench 3.0 and we look forward to continuing to receive the great suggestions and bug reports from their team, now also for Xbench 3.0.

    Demo Video on Basic QA Features in Xbench 3.0

    We’ve just posted on YouTube a 5-minute demo video for the basic QA features in Xbench 3.0.

    As usual, for the best viewing experience, please watch it at full screen and remember to select 720pHD in YouTube’s quality settings.

    We hope you find this video useful!

    Second Demo Video on Xbench 3.0 Search Basics

    We’ve just posted on Youtube, the second part of the demo to show some of the search features in Xbench 3.0.

    For the best viewing experience, please watch it at full screen and remember to select 720pHD in YouTube’s quality setting.