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    ApSIC Xbench 2.9 beta released!

    We are happy to announce the release of ApSIC Xbench 2.9 beta! New features of this release include:

    • More formats supported. A few more bilingual formats have been added. Now it is possible to load XLIFF files, Trados Studio files, PO files, MARTIF files, IBM TM Memories, Wordfast Pro TXML files and OpenTM2 files.
    • Folder tree support for most formats. Now you can load folder trees for all formats that do not require special file-dependant settings.
    • Revamped checklist engine. Now multiple personal lists can be run in a single QA pass and can also be linked to projects. A powerful inheritance engine has been built into checklists to reuse items from other checklists and override items as required.
    • Font support for Instructions tab. Now the Instructions tab can use any of the system fonts to allow for better presentation and enhanced support of non-Western languages.
    • And many other enhancements and fixes across the board!

    You can download it now from http://www.apsic.com/en/downloads.aspx.

    Please do not hesitate to report any issues or suggestions at http://www.apsic.com/en/products_submit_bug.aspx.