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    ApSIC Xbench v2.9 User’s Guide now also available in Spanish

    We’re glad to announce that the ApSIC Xbench 2.9 User’s Guide is now also available in Spanish, thanks to the great work of Fernando Streckwall (fernandostreckwall@hotmail.com), an English to Spanish and Spanish to English freelance translator based in Argentina.

    Fernando’s volunteering effort makes ApSIC Xbench more accessible and easy to use for the whole Spanish-speaking translator community, one of the largest translator communities in the world.

    We are thrilled to see the community of ApSIC Xbench users grow, and we are certainly thankful for the contributions by volunteer translators that make ApSIC Xbench even more useful to non-English speakers.

    The Spanish version of ApSIC Xbench 2.9 User’s Guide can be downloaded from here.