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    How to silently install ApSIC Xbench

    The typical installation scenario for ApSIC Xbench is by launching the installer and clicking Next until you are done. Actually, most of us even develop some kind of tunnel vision towards the Next button when we are in a rush to re-install all software on a new machine.

    But even when it just takes a couple seconds to install ApSIC Xbench by clicking Next, that is not flexible enough for IT departments in corporate environments involving many translators. Corporate policies might even disallow users to install software on their machines. Because of that, often corporate IT departments require some kind of unattended installation that does not prompt users for data and that can be run overnight or in the background.

    The good news is that you are able to silently install ApSIC Xbench using the /S switch from the command line.

    c:\>Setup.Xbench.2.9.474.exe /S

    If you wish to specify a different installation directory, you can do so using the /D switch.

    c:\>Setup.Xbench.2.9.474.exe /S /D=[install_directory_path]

    Please note that the /S and /D switches are case-sensitive!