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    If only there was a Q&A site on Translation Tools…

    We essentially receive two kind of support request via our web form for ApSIC Xbench:

    • I have this issue with this file or feature, which I would like to address confidentially because I will need to send you data
    • How can I do that, and I don’t mind that anyone else knows the answer

    Some users have suggested that we create a forum to address the latter type of queries, as often these can be answered by the community and their answers are useful for everybody else.

    However, instead of a forum specific to ApSIC Xbench, we see more value on a Q&A site for any kind of Translation Tools, where questions and answers to questions can be edited and voted up or down over time to improve relevance and accuracy. Indeed, there is such a proposal for a Q&A site on Translation Tools at StackExchange, from the makers of the successful StackOverflow Q&A site.

    If such Q&A site existed, we would actively track and try to answer any questions which contain the “xbench” tag. Actually, if other tool publishers also did the same for their respective products, we think it would become a really valuable resource for the translation community.

    Therefore, we encourage you to follow the proposal and also to vote up/down sample questions and place new sample questions. You will find some additional information on how to get the proposal up and running at this BlueBird Translations blog post.