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    Xbench Control Panel Available at www.xbench.net

    We’re glad to announce the availability at www.xbench.net of the Xbench Control Panel.

    The Control Panel uses the same credentials in Xbench, so if you already signed up with Xbench, you can use the same password.

    Please note that to use the Control Panel you need to have purchased one or more subscription years.

    With the Control Panel you can:

    • Add or remove authorized users. An authorized user is an email signed up in Xbench that you authorize to use Xbench.
    • Name up to 3 delegates. A delegate is an email signed up in Xbench that can manage your account for you, including adding or removing authorized users or naming other delegates.
    • Change your billing details for future invoices issued by ApSIC.

    Please remember that your subscription years are assigned to the email who purchased them, so if you made your purchase with paypal@greatLSP.com, but your real Xbench users are john@greatLSP.com and mary@greatLSP.com, you will need to:

    1. Complete the sign up process for paypal@greatLSP.com. You can now create Xbench accounts directly in the Xbench Control Panel.
    2. Enter the Control Panel as paypal@greatLSP.com
    3. Remove paypal@greatLSP.com from the Authorized Users list.
    4. Add john@greatLSP.com and mary@greatLSP.com to the Authorized Users list.
    5. Optionally define john@greatLSP.com and mary@greatLSP.com as Delegates.
    6. Click Submit Changes to send the new account settings the server.

    As usual, if you find any issues or have any questions regarding the use of the Xbench Control Panel, please send us your comments.