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    Xbench 30-Day Trial Really Means 30 Days

    There is something unconventional in Xbench 30-day trial that we would like to share with you: Xbench 3.0 trial days refer to real use days, not to calendar days.

    As you know, the traditional 30-day trial is the exploding one: you start it and 30 days later it is over. It does not matter if you did not find the time to actually evaluate the software at all. It effectively means that, in many cases, you barely are able to test if installing and uninstalling works.

    When we set up the Xbench 3.0 evaluation program, we decided that in order to give you proper time to evaluate if the product is really for you or not, our trial would be based on the actual days the product is used.

    So if you get hooked with Xbench and quickly become an avid user using it 5 days a week, you will finish your trial after some 45 calendar days.

    Conversely, if you are are always too busy with other stuff and only have time to check Xbench once a month, your trial will last almost 3 years.

    We hope you like our approach for trials. If you want to evaluate Xbench 3.0, simply go to www.xbench.net and download it. After you sucessfully complete your sign up, your 30-day trial will start automatically. Enjoy!