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    New Xbench 3.0 build with Column Sorting, Unpaired Brackets Checking and More

    We’re happy to announce that Xbench 3.0 build 1243 is available for download.

    In this build, the following features have been added:

    • Column Sorting. Now you can click on the column heading and sort the search results alphabetically by source text, by target text or by any of the columns in the search report.
    • Unpaired Symbols QA Check. A new QA check called Unpaired Symbols has been added to the QA standard checks. With this QA check you will be able to ensure that parentheses, square brackets, and braces are opened and closed in the segment.
    • Native Character Normalization. A new search setting has been added to the Search Options pane that will allow you to relax native characters. For example, With this setting enabled, if you search for an “a”, you will also match “á”, “à”, “â”, “ä” and any character that is somehow based in “a”. This setting can be useful if you are translating from a source language with accents and the writer of the original text was not very good at typing accents.
    • Support for Déjà Vu Pack&Go and Passolo Glossaries. Now you can add to your Xbench 3.0 projects Déjà Vu Pack&Go files (.dvpng extension) and Passolo glossaries (.glo extension).

    As usual for more details on the fixes and additions in this build, refer to the change log.

    The new build can be downloaded here. If you run into any issue or have any suggestion, please contact us.