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    Xbench 3.0 Dutch Auction Promotion: Now it’s your turn to set the price!

    We’re happy to announce that we are running a Dutch Auction promotion, where you have the very unique opportunity to set the price for Xbench!

    This Dutch Auction works like this:

    1. You make your bid by October 23 at 11am (CET).
    2. On October 23, we calculate the Strike Price from all bids received.
    3. If your bid is equal or greater than the Strike Price, you will be entitled to buy Xbench subscription years at the Strike Price until October 30.

    Because each bid is uniquely tied to each registered user, you need to sign up for Xbench to be able to place your bid.

    If you already signed up for Xbench, you can place your bid here using your Xbench credentials: http://www.xbench.net/cpanel/signindu.aspx

    If you are not yet an Xbench 3.0 user, we encourage to download it and sign up. Also, if you are new to Xbench, be sure to watch the demo videos on our YouTube Channel to get quickly started. In particular, the Getting Started with Xbench 3.0 Playlist will be very useful to get a quick overview.

    Good luck with your bid!